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Victorias Enkel” are a privity for fashion and savoir-vivre during the reign of Queen Victoria of England.


Although we are all native Germans, we chose the English Queen as eponym as our German monarchs unfortunately did not have enough power of endurance for the entire period from 1837 until 1901. However, it is exactly this time period we are focused on.


In Germany we split this era into “Biedermeier”, “Gründerzeit” and “Belle Čpoche”, what affects not only the development of fashion but also many cultural aspects.  Fashion goes along with the social development or is considered as its mirror. We try to get a feeling for this period and to gain more and more knowledge regarding the making and the design of clothing as well as the social environment of the 19th century by means of literature and pictures.


 Most of us tailor our clothes entirely by ourselves; it is worn as in times of our great-great-grandmothers – including the underwear. We place a great importance on a coherent overall appearance and on historically appropriate materials and techniques. The clothes should reflect the prevailing taste of that time, not the contemporary one.

In fact we work mainly with modern sewing machines, but with vintage patterns and sewing techniques. The clothing mostly complies with the middle class or the upper class, but might, of course, also present petty bourgeois, craftsmen or service staff. This depends on the occasion where the clothes will be worn.


Our main target is the adequate realization of clothing and behavior in order to be able to create an overall appearance as realistic as possible.

Clothing is part of that, reflecting the appropriate class, which in term mirrors the general value system of the time. This image must not be completely adapted as it is to 2011, but, of course, it can be done if desired ….


Several times a year we meet at different places in Germany in order to wear our clothes in an appropriate surrounding or to enjoy ourselves at private events.

We also had already been visiting proximate foreign countries. Thus would be glad to get in touch with like-minded people abroad, to discuss or exchange thoughts, or with those who would like to arrange time travels together at nice places throughout Europe.


If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Discover our gallery for further pictures of the fashion and of our events.

Alle Bilder und Grafiken Eigentum von Victorias Enkel 09/2005